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Laura Mahon

In 2021, at 20 weeks pregnant, Laura from St Helens was diagnosed with a terminal glioblastoma brain tumour and given the devastating news that she only had a year to live.

Adrian Taylor

“I was only 53 years old and I had so much left to give, so to be told I had incurable cancer was shattering. When I heard that there was a clinical trial which could help, I jumped at it straight away as if I did not go on the trail, there was a 100% chance of me dying."

Libby Sunter

"My name's Libby, I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma in April of 2022. Being told at 18 years old that you have cancer is a feeling that I don't think I'll ever be able to put into words."

Colette Swindells

"I thought Clatterbridge would be a scary place, now I'm in year seven of my dance with gallbladder cancer and I'm so grateful for the expertise of these fabulous people, particularly Professor Dan Palmer and Dr Faluyi."

Eleri Reece-Jones

"My name is Eleri, I’m 23 years old and in 2021, I was diagnosed with cancer. Last year, the only Christmas gift I wanted was my health. This year, I’m looking forward to Christmas time surrounded by my family."

Tabatha Duff

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2020, with no family history, no faulty genes, just pure rubbish luck. Being diagnosed was exactly how you’d imagine it to be, absolutely awful. That day was the worst day of my life. I was completely and utterly distraught."

James Catlow

"Clatterbridge provided the best care throughout my treatment journey, their dedicated staff always so cheerful, positive and upbeat, keeping my spirits up during some very difficult times. It is a very special place and I will always be grateful to them."

Siobhan Sutherland

"Clatterbridge will always hold a special place in my heart because of the people. It's just not like anywhere else I have been to and regardless of the circumstances that led me to this place, I will always smile when I think of it."

Will Eyre

“I remember sitting in the waiting room. I noticed how the staff had a constant smile on their faces, they were always so positive it was at this point I realised just how special a place Clatterbridge is and just how incredible the people that work there are."

Amy Turner

“From the minute you step foot in the hospital, you feel as though you are in the best hands which is extremely reassuring whilst you’re going through a tumultuous and challenging time. Clatterbridge is a very special place, staffed by very special people."

Lauren McFerran

"November marks my official 5 years of being cancer free! We decided to take part in Skydive Sunday to not only raise some money this year, but we wanted an exciting way to mark my 'cancerversary'. What better way to celebrate than to jump out of a plane!"