Mereseyside Women of the Year

Diane’s dedication to helping other people in the face of adversity is inspiring. Diagnosed with a debilitating disease six years ago has not halted the passion to help others whenever possible knowing that it will set her back, possibly putting her in bed for up to a week at a time.

Photo by Mike McCartney

While still at University, her originality and talent helped her win a prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum Prize in 1996. She was described as “one of Britain's leading ceramicsculptors”.

Her new magazine never fails to give space to charities and there is a ‘yes’ on the end of the phone for any manner of requests. Nobody will ever know how much she does as she doesn't publicise the design, advice, donations, solutions and sheer hard work she dedicates to others.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is proud to have Emma as an Ambassador for the New Cancer Hospital Appeal. A wonderful advocate for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, Emma first became involved as a Patient Representative after her mother Millie’s successful treatment with the Papillon technique. Working with Millie’s consultant and architects, Emma helped to design the new Papillon Suite, ensuring a calm atmosphere and minimisation of distress to patients.

Inspiring and creative, Emma is voluntary Artistic Advisor to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, holding workshops with patients and donating and arranging artwork. She created a fantastic bronze sculpture, situated at the entrance of the Papillon technique, symbolising the success of Papillon.Through the donation of her highly prized artwork, holding art exhibitions and demonstrations and sponsoring events, Emma has raised thousands for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. Emma is part of what makes Clatterbridge Cancer centre such a special place.Passionate about arts education, she has worked with schools across the North West and has no doubt become an inspiration to future generations of artists in her own right.Most recently recognised for her statue of Cilla Black on Matthew Street.