Spring Appeal 2023

Clatterbridge care doesn't end at cancer. Will you donate to help provide counselling support for more people who are living with cancer?

My name is Helen Forbes, and it's thanks to your donations that my role at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre exists, allowing more of our patients to access vital emotional support.

Cancer can stir up feelings that are difficult to process and for many people, a cancer diagnosis and treatment can have a huge impact psychologically as well as physically. It’s my role to be there for those people, helping them through what can often be the most difficult time in their life.

In this safe and confidential space, patients can explore feelings about their diagnosis, treatment or their life away from cancer. It is often a huge time of uncertainty and every person comes to me with a different story - it could be that they're experiencing anger or grief, worries for the future or anxiety around scans. By beginning to have therapeutic conversations, it is a patient's first steps to psychological recovery or coming to terms with what lies ahead.

We want to be there for every patient who needs us, but as demand increases, your support is needed more than ever.

A donation of any size today will make a big difference to this work. Please give now and you will help support more patients and their families in so many ways.

At Clatterbridge, we treat the whole person, not just the cancer. Whether it's through work like mine, our Arts In Health programme or the warm, supportive atmosphere created by my clinical colleagues, people are at the heart of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

29-year-old Gemma Jones from Pensby knows all too well how important this is, and your donations help us to go above & beyond, for people just like her

"I'd just started work as Nursey Practitioner at Birkenhead School in June 2022, then in August after some scans and tests, I was told I had cancer. Within a week, I was at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool receiving intense chemotherapy for 12-hours a day.

I'm very lucky that I have a great family & friends who have been my biggest support since diagnosis, but this would have been so much tougher without the team at Clatterbridge. There is and was always someone to talk to, help and listen.


I couldn't imagine going through this without Clatterbridge, alongside my loved ones. To know that if I needed counselling to help me through, that it would be there, is a huge comfort and I can imagine what a great difference the service makes to those who need it. With regards to my cancer, I'm currently waiting to see what's next. I had surgery in February to remove the remaining cancer, which included one of my ovaries and my appendix. Recovery has been difficult, but I'm looking forward to spending lots of time with my family and my dog."

If you are able to support this work, please make a donation today by clicking the button below. Alternatively, please call us on 0151 556 5566.