Frequently Asked Questions

Is writing my Will expensive?

The cost of writing a Will varies depending on the complexities of your estate but a simple Will normally costs between £100-£200 depending on the solicitor firm. We would always recommend seeking the advice of a solicitor when writing your Will.

What wording do I need to include to leave a gift to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity?

Your solicitor can advise you as it depends on the type of gift you wish to leave. It is vital to include our full details in your Will:

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity,

Clatterbridge Road, Wirral, CH63 4JY

Registered Charity Number 1202412

How can you support me in writing my Will?

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will, we can help you by providing further information and wording.

Do I have to be wealthy to leave a gift in my Will?

Not at all. A gift of any size can make a real difference. Whatever size or type of gift you decide to leave, it will help us improve the lives of people with cancer.

Can I leave my gift to a specific area?

We’re happy to discuss this with you. Most people choose to leave their gift without limitations so that it can be used where it is needed most at that time.

Can a gift to charity help me pay less tax?

Yes, gifts to UK-registered charities can help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that needs to be paid on your estate. We strongly recommend you speak to a solicitor for advice on tax issues.

Do I need to tell you I have left a gift to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity?

We understand that your Will is a very personal document, however we would love to hear that you have included the Charity in your Will and keep you up to date on developments at the Centre.

I already have a Will; can I add a gift to it?

It is good to get into the habit of reviewing your Will every now and then. There are several ways to make changes, your solicitor would advise on the best method.

What happens to my estate if I do not have a Will?

If you pass away without a valid Will, the law decides who inherits your estate, which may not be the same as your wishes. That is why making your Will is so incredibly important. In 2020 £8 million went to the Government from people who did not have a Will.