Giving For a Rainy Day

Leaving a gift in your will is like saving for a rainy day.

It means we can plan better for the future by developing our facilities, invest in innovation to provide the latest treatments and support our vital research programme. Creating a rainy day fund to help our children and their children live longer and well into the future.

Everywhere you look at Clatterbridge you will see the lasting difference made by the amazing people who have already left gifts in their Wills to the Charity, and why Clatterbridge is so important to the whole community.

A gift in your will doesn’t have to be large to make a lasting difference. Just a small proportion of what’s left after your friends and family have been provided for can play a big part in the care and treatment of future generations of local people with cancer in our region.

When you’ve looked after your own family and loved ones, please remember the Clatterbridge family

“My name is Jim and I’ve decided to leave a gift in my Will to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. I’m aware that donations made from an estate are the largest single gift you are ever likely to make and to me, it is important that this money is used to really make a difference to cancer patients in this area.

“I know that once my own family are taken care of there will be some money over to support the Clatterbridge family who have been there for so many people over the years, including me.”


How do I include The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity in my Will?

We recommend you use a solicitor to have your will drafted and you just need to let them know you would like to leave a gift to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity. If you already have a will, it’s important to check that any gift you want to leave to a charity is properly recorded as any uncertainty over the cause can often cost time and ultimately divert funds from your generous donation to legal costs.

The full legal description that should always be used to describe the charity in a Will is: The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Clatterbridge Road, Bebington, Wirral CH63 4JY (Registered Charity No. 1051727).