Special people deserve special recognition

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity has established the 1862 Club to formally acknowledge the outstanding contribution of our donors, but also to create a framework by which our major donors can help shape the hospital’s future and make their own mark on our remarkable history.

Professor Daniel Palmer

"The 1862 Club will strengthen The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity’s position in providing funding to benefit the patients at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. It will help us to invest in projects which will make a lasting impact on our services. I am proud to endorse the Club as President, because I believe it will play a significant part in ensuring that this hospital remains at the forefront of cancer care."

Professor Daniel Palmer
Chair of Medical Oncology, President of the 1862 Club
Professor Arthur Sun Myint

“I have been treating cancer patients at Clatterbridge for many years with the groundbreaking Papillon Technique, which I helped to develop in the UK. My priority is to get patients well, with the best quality of life possible. Donations to the charity really do make a difference, helping to save lives and improving care.”

Professor Arthur Sun Myint
Consultant in Oncology, Vice-President of the 1862 Club

The 1862 Club aims to deliver a specific kind of support: transparent, flexible funding which is ready to be gifted when urgent needs arise. This could be vital new research or the latest medical equipment, enabling the centre to remain at the forefront of cancer care.

1862 Club members are part of an influential group of people who are closely associated with the hospital’s mission and values. They are frontline staff, senior clinicians, researchers and local philanthropists. Together, they continue a legacy of support that stretches back over 150 years to James Seaton Smythe and his unique act of kindness.

Please help us to continue the tradition of philanthropy by joining the 1862 Club. Become a Member, Benefactor or Guardian of the Club and attend our annual programme of exclusive events and be amongst the first to hear about our latest pioneering work. Together let’s make a difference to cancer treatment both now and into the future.

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