Big LEGO® Brick Hospital

In 2019, Clatterbridge Cancer Charity embarked on a roadshow - aiming to build the first ever LEGO Brick Hospital of its kind, in the world - with the help of local schools, businesses and supporters.

The ambitious build was sadly cut short by the pandemic, but now just a few years later, the Charity has unveiled the model; a replica of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool, which opened in 2020.

The Big LEGO Brick Hospital, a two metre high structure containing over half a million bricks, contains over 100 rooms with chemotherapy clinics, a radiotherapy department and hospital beds is an eye-catching addition to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool, with visitors invited to spot special features and fun figures! It is also hoped that it will continue to help raise much needed funds to support patients and research at the hospital.

This amazing structure took shape as we travelled around the region, with members of the public adding their own bricks to help build it.

The ‘real’ hospital may have won the race for completion, but we’re delighted that the Big LEGO Brick Hospital has now taken up its home at Clatterbridge, bringing a little bit of joy to LEGO fans of all ages, for years to come.