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I'd like to support The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity

Our hospital is under increasing pressure as the scale and impact of COVID-19 continues to grow and we urgently need your support.

We need to ensure we can continue to treat and care for our cancer patients when they need us most.

To do that, we must support our NHS staff on the front line with any essential support they need.

If you would like to help, please donate now to help the hospital and our staff get the resources they need during this difficult and uncertain time.

We really appreciate your support.


Giving in Memory

Make a donation to The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and honour the memory of your loved one.

Give in Celebration

It’s thanks to donations from people like you that we can make a huge difference to our patients.

Leave a Gift in your Will

A gift in your will doesn’t have to be large to make a difference. Just a small proportion of what’s left after your friends and family have been provided for can play a big part in the care and treatment of future generations of cancer patients in this region.


The ethos of founding something with a philanthropic gesture that will have lasting impact on future generations is still relevant today – perhaps even more so.