The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity has joined forces with The Refashion Guide to provide an alternative to high street charity shops. Working closely with a range of key brands, The Refashion Guide offers a real and authentic solution for the worldwide problem affiliated with the overproduction of clothing and 'fast fashion'.

The Refashion Guide offer value to the customer, providing you with the chance to purchase prestige products at discounted prices, while helping local people with cancer.

The contributing company specifies which charity the money will be awarded to, with between 20%-50% of all sales secured, given to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

In addition to these luxe brands supporting Clatterbridge, The Refashion Guide also offers the facility for our supporters to donate unworn, fully tagged clothing, shoes, handbags, etc with a percentage of the sale going to a cause close to your heart.

Check out the shop here

Don't forget to choose The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity when securing a sale!