As The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre forges ahead on building a brand new specialist hospital in the heart of Liverpool, The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity needs your support in a race to beat the build with... THE BIG LEGO BRICK HOSPITAL.

When complete, it will be one of the biggest LEGO structures in the UK and the first ever hospital of its kind to be made from LEGO bricks in the world!

With well over half a million bricks going into the scale model, a team of dedicated enthusiasts will build THE BIG LEGO BRICK HOSPITAL piece by piece, but we can’t do it without you.

You can Buy a Brick for a donation of just £1 and be part of building this amazing structure. Every brick helps us to beat the new cancer hospital to completion by Spring 2020.

Be one of the first to help us start building – will you give your £1 today?