Tough Mudder


When: September 2017106x139 fundraise banner
Where: Cholmondeley Estate, Cholmondeley Malpas, Cheshire , SY14 8HA
What: 10 - 12 Mile Obstacle Course

Tough Mudder North West Presented by Merrell features a mind-numbing combination of new obstacles, unrelenting terrain and the aforementioned mud, you’re going to need to muster every little piece of mental grit in the quest for the finish line.

Tough Mudder North West has a brand new home for 2016, so get ready to face a series of new, adrenaline-pumping challenges. The majestic 16,000 acres of our new venue will take your breath away in more ways than one. Belvoir Castle, Grantham promises many more lung-busting hills in addition to woodlands, water and, yes, tons and tons of mud.

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