Tough Mudder

When: Saturday 8 September - Sunday 9 September 2018
Where: Cholmondeley Estate, Cholmondeley Malpas, Cheshire , SY14 8HA
What: 10 - 12 Mile Obstacle Course

Awesome Venue, Exciting New Course

There's no way we could leave behind the muddiest course in the UK, so in 2018 we'll be returning to Cholmondeley Castle in Chesire. Tough Mudder North West will be back with it's phenomenal mud, a new course and a smattering of 2018 obstacles.

10 Miles, 20+ Obstacles

We know you love mud, but at Tough Mudder North West we're not messing around. You'll definitely need your friends on this infamous course, but the pint at the end will be all the more worth it.

Tough Mudder Half

Want to take part but think 10 miles and 20+ obsticles is too much? Not a problem! Why not take part in this years exciting Tough Mudder Half!

Awesome Venue, Exciting New Course

In 2018 we'll return to the Chesire countryside for Tough Mudder Half North West. In the grounds of Cholmondeley Castle, you'll discover a whole new meaning to the word 'teamwork' as you manoeuver your mates through some of the thickest mud the UK has to offer.

5 Miles, 10 Obstacles

It might be a familiar venue, but with a new course and a selection of the best new obstacles there's plenty of first-time thrills available. Bring your mates along, or make some new ones out on course, this mud will certainly bond you for a lifetime.

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Please Note:
The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity CANNOT take event entries over the phone, all event entries should be through the Tough Mudder website above.

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