Echo Scouse 5k

When: Sunday 28 October 2018
Where: Liverpool City Centre
What: Calm down, calm down. It's a boss event!

Whether you have completed hundreds of races or are a complete newbie you are welcome to take part. Some will run, some will jog and others will walk. No matter what your pace is, if you finish the 5k course you’ll get our unique Scouse themed medal! There's also competitions for the best fancy dress, best finish line celebration, best funny walk, best... We can't think of any more categories at the moment but we'll make a few more up! The course will be revealed in the next few weeks and is a belter.

Scouse Wigs & Medals

Each runner / walker gets the choice of a wig to wear - classic black, toffee nose blue, kopite red or pretty pink. Feel free to wear another wig if you have your own! Comedy moustaches of all shapes and sizes and trackie bottoms are also welcome.

After the event, all runners are rewarded with a brilliant Scouse themed medal too!

Run for Clatterbridge

We're so proud to be chosen as the partner charity for the Scouse 5k! By choosing to support us when you sign up (simply tick 'yes' when asked), you can be a part of something truly special for the city's future, to transform cancer care for generations to come.

Sign up today!

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