Pyrenees Freedom Trail Trek

When: July or September
Where: Pyrenees, France and Spain
What: Trek challenge
Cost: £199 registration
Fundraising: £2,300 minimum sponsorship

This beautiful and demanding trek in the Pyrenees takes us from France over the high mountains into Spain. Your route follows the Freedom Trail, or Chemin de la Liberté, one of the toughest WW2 escape routes from Nazi-occupied France. Local people risked their lives to help the thousands of allied servicemen and Jewish refugees fleeing to safety, and you will pass plaques and memorials dedicated to their bravery. The trek is arduous and steep, taking us through spectacular scenery of cirques, rocky ridges, beech forests and mountain lakes. You will walk on remote trails, reaching 2522m before descending into Spain. Whenever the going gets tough, you have only to think of those who undertook the same paths in fear of their lives to find the determination to continue.

This is an incredible trek with a poignant undertone – a personal challenge which also commemorates the bravery of others.

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Pyrenees Freedom Trail Trek - Itinerary