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Memory Lanterns

At our events, we love to be able to give you the chance to stop and take a moment to think of your loved ones, and to thank The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

We know how important it is to think of someone close to you, and whether you are taking part to support your loved ones or walking in memory of someone special our Memory Lanterns are the perfect way to celebrate and remember those who've been touched by The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. Personalise with your own message of hope, love and support.

Your lantern will be placed in our Glow Green Memory Garden, located at the steps of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, where you will have the chance to reflect with your family and friends and remember someone special in your lives.

Memory Lanterns £5

All memory Lanterns will be sent out to you so you can personalise yours prior to Glow Green. Bring them with you on the night and pass to a member of staff at our drop off point.

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