Clatterbridge: Game On!


Welcome to Clatterbridge: Game On!

Whether you play Sims for a full 24 hours, host a FIFA tournament with your workmates or you livestream Among Us, help to make a difference to the lives of local people with cancer.

You can choose any game you'd like and play with a team or go it alone. Whatever you choose to do, your support is changing the lives of people affected by cancer in our community.

Gaming could be your passion or it may just be a hobby but gaming for Clatterbridge gives you a chance to make a difference to the lives of local people with cancer.

Take part in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Set up your fundraising page using Tiltify or JustGiving using the buttons below.
  2. Plan what games you'll play, what date you'll complete your challenge and set up your Twitch account (if you are livestreaming!)
  3. Start fundraising vital funds to support people with cancer in our community.

How to raise money?

There are lots of ways to get your audience involved if you're streaming or hosting a gaming night. For example, you could set "Milestones" such as:

  • Donation Targets, so that your audience knows what to aim for
  • Offering options for people to vote on e.g. which teams to play with on FIFA
  • Promise to do a forfeit if you reach a donation milestone. For example, you could put on a funny outfit, dye your hair or match any donations made!

If gaming isn't your thing, we've listed a number of other ways to join GAME ON below:

  • Host a yoga class
  • Stream a cook-a-long from your kitchen
  • Shave your head
  • Host a virtual pub quiz or bingo game

The Difference You Make

There are so many different ways your donations are used to support patients and their families at Clatterbridge, these are a few examples:

In the past six months we have invested over £1,000,000 into research projects and equipment, as well as providing funding for the people to conduct this research.

£150,000 is supporting a number of different projects, such as, one to one fitness coaching for immunotherapy patients, providing a special entertainment system for patients who are unable to sit up and funding a project to better understand the circumstances which lead to patients who require emergency medicine.

We are funding a new project, supported by FACT Liverpool, to deliver regular workshops to teenage & young adults diagnosed with cancer. Helping to produce their own podcasts, available to anyone across the globe who has an interest in how young people with cancer really feel. They will then create their own artwork, such as developing a new app or video game.

By joining Team Clatterbridge, you are helping us to change, and even save lives. Your donations are vital to the future of cancer care across throughout our region, and it's thanks to your support that The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre are able to provide the best possible care. There are over 100,000 people living with cancer in Merseyside & Cheshire. The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre provides specialist cancer treatment for many of these people through its unique network of care across the region.

1 in 2 people are affected by cancer and 13,000 new patients are referred to Clatterbridge each year. The need for the Charity in helping to give the best care to more and more people increases each year. With your support, we can be ready for the future of cancer care.

Download our gaming guide or get in touch and we will send you a Fundraising Pack which includes your Clatterbridge T-Shirt and your Clatter Cast: Game On FAQs.

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Download Libby's Story below to show between breaks to your audience!

Can I use JustGiving?


Simply click here and create your fundraising page, which can also link with Twitch.

Not an online gaming aficionado? Why not host a Board Games night with your friends and family on Zoom instead? There are lots of ways you can get involved - get in touch with us to find out more!

"The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre really helped and supported my dad during his diagnosis; he speaks so highly of the hospital and the staff, so I knew I wanted to do something to give back. I hosted a 12-hour stream on Twitch, and as my friends were watching the charity stream they were all incredibly excited at how much money we had raised together. The Clatterbridge: Game On website was super informative; especially when it came to setting up my Just Giving page and it really helped me decide to take on a charity stream – something I have never done before"

Jake Bennett, 2021 Clatterbridge: Game On Supporter

Email or call 0151 556 5566!