Our Strategies and Plans

Trust Annual Plan

To ensure our services develop and grow in the best possible way for patients we set detailed plans and strategies for the future.

The Trust's Annual Plan summarises the objectives and priorities for the Trust for the forthcoming year.

As part of our annual business planning process staff from across all of our departments and directorates have spent time developing and agreeing what their priorities will be for the next twelve months and the significant investment we intend to make into facilities and expertise to achieve them.

Our priorities for this year build on our successes from 2017/18 which have seen us continue to grow and develop into an organisation that is confident to face the challenges ahead and has the expertise and experience to make some major advancements in the delivery of cancer care in the region.

Our plan enables our teams to focus on their role in continuing to shape the future of our organisation and to ensure our patients benefit from the exciting journey of change and transformation we are on.

You can read a summary of our Trust Priorities for 18/19 here.