The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre


The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust is one of the UK’s leading cancer centres providing highly specialist cancer care to a population of 2.4m people across Cheshire, Merseyside and the surrounding areas including the Isle of Man.

Our three specialist cancer centres are in Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter, Wirral and Aintree. We also operate specialist chemotherapy clinics in seven of Merseyside’s district hospitals and deliver a pioneering Treatment at Home service.

Together, this enables us to provide a comprehensive range of inpatient care, advanced radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other systemic anti-cancer therapies (i.e. medicines) including gene therapies and immunotherapies. We are also the only facility in the UK providing low-energy proton beam therapy to treat rare eye cancers and host the region’s Teenage and Young Adult Unit, (supported by the Teenage Cancer Trust).

We have specialist cancer centres in Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter, Wirral and Aintree

What we do

We are a tertiary cancer centre which means we see patients who have already been diagnosed and referred to us by other hospitals. We provide non-surgical cancer care e.g. chemotherapy and radiotherapy for solid tumours and blood cancers.

Our services include:

  • Academic oncology – professors and senior clinical lecturers appointed jointly with the University of Liverpool
  • Acute oncology – specialist cancer support in A&E and acute care in other hospitals
  • Chemotherapy and other systemic anti-cancer treatments (SACT). These are drug treatments for cancer and include gene therapies, immunotherapies and other molecular agents
  • Haemato-oncology – inpatient and outpatient care for acute leukaemia; chronic leukaemia; lymphoma; myeloma and bone marrow (stem cell) transplant
  • Eye proton therapy – we have the UK’s only low-energy proton beam therapy facility for treating rare eye tumours
  • Imaging and pre-treatment radiotherapy (diagnostic imaging / treatment planning) – we have PET-CT, CT, MRI, x-ray facilities and treatment planning
  • Inpatient wards – we have 110 fully-single en-suite rooms at the new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Liverpool
  • Pharmacy – we manufacture all the chemotherapy doses for solid tumour cancers in Cheshire & Merseyside
  • Physics – our physicists provide essential scientific support for radiotherapy treatment
  • Radiotherapy – we have linear accelerators (radiotherapy treatment machines) on all three of our main sites: Liverpool, Wirral and Aintree
  • Research & development – we carry out leading-edge clinical trials of new cancer treatments. Our BioBank of donated tissue provides a valuable resource for cancer researchers
  • Supportive care – including physiotherapy, psychological support, palliative care, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, cancer information, financial / benefits advice, and survivorship / living with and beyond cancer
  • Triage & assessment – we provide rapid-access assessment clinics and 24-hour phone support for patients who need urgent advice or care while having cancer treatment