Public Meetings

The agenda and supporting papers for the Board of Directors will be available on this webpage in advance of the meeting. If you wish to attend a Board meeting, please contact the Corporate Governance Team on who will provide you with the necessary link.

Kathy Doran

Board of Directors

The Trust Board meets at least bimonthly. Members hear a patient story or a staff story at each Board meeting.


25/01/23agenda and papers
01/03/23agenda and papers
29/03/23agenda and papers


26/01/2022agenda and papers
23/02/2022agenda and papers
30/03/2022agenda and papers
patient story video - Rachel (psychological medicine)
27/04/2022agenda and papers
25/05/2022agenda and papers
patient story video - Hannah (blood cancers)
action report for patient/staff story
29/06/2022agenda and papers
27/07/2022agenda and papers
28/09/2022agenda and papers
26/10/2022agenda and papers
patient story video - Lorraine (clinical trials)
action report for patient story
30/11/2022agenda and papers


27/01/2021 agenda and papers
24/02/2021agenda and papers
31/03/2021agenda and papers
28/04/2021agenda and papers
26/05/2021agenda and papers
30/06/2021agenda and papers
28/07/2021agenda and papers
29/09/2021agenda and papers
27/10/2021agenda and papers
24/11/2021agenda and papers

Archived meetings from previous years

Papers from meetings held before 2021 are available here.

Council of Governors Meetings

The Council of Governors meets at least 3 times per financial year; meetings are open to the public.

25/01/2023 agenda papers
05/10/2022 agenda papers minutes
06/07/2022 agenda papers minutes
23/03/2022 agenda papers minutes
12/01/2022 agenda papers minutes
22/09/2021 agenda papers minutes
07/07/2021 agenda papers minutes

Annual Members Meetings

26/10/2022 The presentation slides are available below:
Full slide pack
Chair's report
Lead Governor's report
Chief Executive's report
Director of Finance's report
Questions and answers

27/10/2021 Our Annual Members Meeting 2021 presentations are now available to watch. If you'd like to submit a question about the presentations, our Annual Report or a related matter, please email by 4pm on Wednesday 3rd November.
30/11/2020 You can watch a recording of our Annual Members Meeting via this link.
video recording
25/09/2019 agenda papers minutes
27/09/2018 agenda papers (n.a) minutes
28/09/2017 agenda papers (n.a) minutes