Public Meetings

The agenda and supporting papers for the Board of Directors will be available on this webpage in advance of the meeting. If you wish to attend a Board meeting, please contact the Corporate Governance Team on who will provide you with the necessary link.

Public Questions

In order to manage meetings effectively, no provision is given for members of the public to ask questions during the meeting. Members of the public are in attendance as observers and should anyone have any questions pertaining to the agenda, they may submit a written question via the Corporate Governance Team at least 3 working days prior to the meeting via

Verbal responses to written questions will be provided at the meeting under the agenda item however, in circumstances were a response will take longer than anticipated, the requestor will receive a written response within five working days of submission of the question.

Archived meetings from previous years

Papers from meetings held before 2022 are available here.

Kathy Doran


Board of Directors

The Trust Board meets at least bimonthly. Members hear a patient story or a staff story at each Board meeting.

2023 - 2024

25/01/23agenda and papers minutes
01/03/23agenda and papers minutes
29/03/23agenda and papersminutes
26/04/23agenda and papers minutes
31/05/23agenda and papersminutes
28/06/23agenda and papersminutes
26/07/23agenda and papers minutes
27/09/23agenda and papersminutes
29/11/23agenda and papersminutes
31/01/24agenda and papersminutes
28/02/24agenda and papersminutes
27/03/24agenda and papersminutes

Council of Governors Meetings

The Council of Governors meets at least 3 times per financial year; meetings are open to the public.

2023 - 2024

25/01/23 agenda and papers minutes
26/04/23 agenda and papers minutes
26/07/23 agenda and papers minutes
25/10/23 agenda and papers minutesJoint Annual Members Meeting and Council of Governors
31/01/24 agenda and papers minutes

Annual Members Meeting

25/10/23 Annual Members Meeting PapersMinutes