What we spend and how we spend it

Annual statement of accounts/budgets and variance reports

These documents will detail where The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust has spent money and where it intends to spend money in the future.

Financial audit reports, standing financial instructions and capital programme

These documents will illustrate information on major plans for capital expenditure including any public private partnership contracts.

For our standing financial instructions please contact the Corporate Governance Team by emailing ccf-tr.corporategovernance@nhs.net

Staff and board members’ allowances and expenses

This section will detail allowances and expenses which can be claimed by senior staff and management board members.

Staff pay and grading structures

This section will detail the staff pay and grading structures for levels of pay rather than individual salaries.

Funding (including endowment funds)/procurements and tendering procedures

This section will provide details of procedures used for the acquisition of goods and services.

List and value of contracts awarded in the current financial year

This section will include information about contracts which are large enough to have required a tendering process.

Expenditure over £25,000

This section includes details of spend on all transactions that are over £25,000.